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The Goal

Our goal is to stage an elegant but cost-effective SnowBall that raises enough funds to pay for itself, for related committee activities, AND have money left over to provide annual scholarships for students who travel for special training to enhance their educations. To achieve our goal with optimal results we must generate an annual amount that is at least 50% greater than the cost of the event. We have not yet realized this goal, but we come closer each year.

The Situation

Support for Student Events and Programs and the Student Event Planning Board comes in two basic ways: Through direct monetary donations and through purchase of tickets to SnowBall and other events.

The Impact

Medical students have very little money and very little time. Organizing and attending SnowBall, with the support of the faculty and staff, provides students with a much needed respite from the rigors of medical training. Stress is no small concern for medical students, and we know that social interactions and feelings of being supported by those who teach and mentor them help ameliorate the pressures they feel.

Providing travel scholarships enables and encourages students to do elective study where they can enhance their cultural competency and learn about the needs of the medically underserved here and abroad.

Thus, the projects overseen by the Student Event Planning Board have a ripple effect throughout the UICOM-P community.

The Promise

Your gifts enrich the lives of medical students in multiple ways and contribute to the totality of the educational experience of our future physicians.

Thanks for supporting Student Events and Programs.

To learn more about unique gift opportunities, including endowments, current use and naming opportunities, visit giving opportunities, or contact:

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