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Cancer Biology & Pharmacology

Cancer Research Facility


The Goal
Research is the Cure for Cancer.  It’s possible that we will find the cure right here in Peoria!  Philanthropy will build endowments, bring new researchers, add professorships helping to make the cure "possible."

The Impact 
Donors to the Cancer Research Facility may wish to support the project by funding endowments, researchers, or equipment which are needed to allow research to exceed expectations and find the cure for cancer.  Donors may also fund new spaces which allow the rooms/area to be plaqued for recognition or in-honor or in-memoriam. 

The Promise
There is still a great deal of work to be done for this project and we all have a role to play.  Your dollars will help support a researcher or provide an important piece of equipment.  We can make a difference right here in Peoria.

Thanks for supporting the Cancer Research Facility.

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