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Cancer Biology & Pharmacology Overview
Department of Cancer Biology & Pharmacology



UICOMP Discovering Cures for Cancer


The Goal
At the heart of the cancer research program is basic science research with the goal of translating new insights about the mysteries of cancer’s molecular, chemical and genetic origins into the development of new, safer, more effective therapies.  Our goal is to continue this research momentum by equipping the laboratories with state-of-the-art equipment and bringing the best and brightest new researchers to Peoria.


The Impact 
Conducting basic science research is expensive, but the cost of not pursuing this research is even greater.  The startling reality is that cancer is a virulent disease affecting most Americans either directly, when they personally receive the frightful diagnosis, or indirectly, when they watch a loved one or friend battle the disease.  Illinois current ranks 7th in the nation, both in terms of the highest incidences of cancer and the highest morality rate.  In 2010, the estimated overall cost of cancer was $264 billion.  Although cancer statistics are the startling reality – Cancer Research is the promising hope.  Your donation is a meaningful statement that you join our cancer researchers in fighting this dreaded disease.  

The Promise
Successful cancer research provides the foundation for the promising hope of new treatment discoveries, improved survival rates and the ultimate cure for cancer. Partnering with our cancer researchers will help ensure the continued momentum and expansion of new cancer research discoveries.  The Cancer Research program at the University of Illinois College of Medicine at Peoria is recognized throughout the world and highly regarded by the National Institutes of Health and leading cancer researchers.  U.S. patents have been issued for promising technology that has attracted the attention of biotechnology firms interested in pursuing drug development.  Building upon these successes, further discoveries and advancements are imminent and will bring the promising laboratory research to more effective clinical treatments for cancer patients and help achieve the long-term goal of curing cancer. 

Thanks for supporting Cancer Research.

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